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By TradingView

1/9/22, 1:00 AM

Our team added a dashboard to the Saignal website to instantly get an overview of what the markets are doing. The dashboard includes key charts revealing important trends on larger timeframes as well as cross-asset performance.

Market Suite Added

Total Crypto Market Cap

The total market capitalization of the entire crypto asset class, including Bitcoin, represented with Heikin Ashi Candles. Green represents uptrends (bull market) and is the most lucrative for algorithmic trading. Red represents down-trending markets and should be traded with caution (bear market).


Bitcoin Price Daily

Bitcoin is the flagship crypto and its health represents not only itself but the entire crypto asset class.


Bitcoin Price (Weekly Timeframe & Monthly TA)

The larger trend of Bitcoin. Each candle represents a week. It gives a brief indication of what the larger trend for Bitcoin is. The monthly TA widget by TradingView entails key TA indicators which reveal either a buy or sell. Although crude, it may give an indication if it is interesting to accumulate Bitcoin.

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